Read about the business use of drones.

The use of drones in business continues to grow, helping many companies save time when it comes to content creation, offer new services for their clients or innovate in how they do business. Most drones for the business market benefit from the use of a HD, or even 4K, camera to provide high-quality visuals, while commercial drones provide greater range and stability compared to consumer models.

Why are businesses using drones?

The technology and battery life has improved, making drones a useful business tool.

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional with 4K UHD Video Camera is a leading example with replaceable batteries for longer field life that produce great results, such as the clip shown here.


Other brands and models are available, some producing 360-degree coverage for use in virtual reality experiences, or infra-red for night vision filming.


Buying or renting a drone is possible as the costs have decreased.

This can produce instant savings, removing the need for a camera crew, and saving companies from hiring helicopters or blimps to cover events, while providing new aspects to their video or coverage. As this example shows.


How are drones being used in business?

The use of drones in business is highly varied, from surveys to weddings, from highlighting a new travel destination to covering live events. A drone can help with site or building inspections, saving time and making them safer, especially on tall structures or around unstable areas of ground, reducing the risk to people. Drones can be flown or driven into inaccessible areas and cover large areas of ground faster than a person could.

Drones also help companies reliant on video or photography present their work in new ways. They are rapidly becoming an essential tool for media companies. They help create new views when it comes to creating a sales video for property marketing or to pitch an event.

In digital marketing, a drone shot can show large-scale products in action or show crowds enjoying an event, all for a lot less than traditional videography methods.


Drones in business can increase engagement

Thanks to improved drone apps, footage can be streamed live on social media, creating an immediate impact and access to live events unavailable elsewhere, helping to build exclusive experiences. All of this creates opportunities for online and digital marketers to help improve engagement. However, any company should always be aware of and follow the latest Civil Aviation Authority rules and guidelines.

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