Google Business PageSocial networks are usually websites full of interactions between people, normally via their personal profiles and Google+ is no exception. But as well as personal profiles on Google+ there are also business profiles known as Pages.

Pages are nothing new, with Facebook having somewhere around 5 million pages for businesses alone (50 million pages in total). Google pages offer many of the same features as Facebook including:

  • Ability to act as your business page rather than your personal profile (comments , updates etc)
  • Images or banners to ‘brand’ your page
  • Ability to list links and location of your business

So now Facebook has over 1 billion active users why would you want to bother with a social network with only 400 million signed up? Well one good reason maybe that it is a little quieter there so maybe easier to be ‘heard’. Facebook, with its 1 billion population and 50 odd million pages, is not surprisingly noisy and it can be difficult to get noticed. Facebook also uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to decide what is shown to people in Facebook. With Edgerank you may have hundreds of Likers on your Facebook business page but your posts and your content can still go relatively unnoticed.

Google+ may be quieter than Facebook but the real opportunity for businesses is what Google is doing with the information on your business page. With so much web traffic still coming from search engines, changes to Google results can not be ignored. Google has looked at links to websites as the barometer of quality for a long time but this is slowly changing as Google increasingly looks at many other signals to compute its search results. If you want to be found on Google then you can help by giving Google as much information about your business as possible and creating a page for your business does just that.

There is a lot of speculation on the future of Google search and Google+ but as I have written on this blog already SoLoMo (Social, Location and Mobile) is fast becoming the currency of the web. Google has excellent tools for mobile both on its own Android phones and others, it also has plenty of data on the location of its users so social may just be the missing piece that leaves Google holding all the SoLoMo cards. So start early and get your Google+ Business page now.

In conclusion there are three reason why a business would want a Google+ Page

  1. It’s quieter than other social networks while still having a healthy number of users (but always check that your audience is there in enough numbers)
  2. Having a business page is feeding Google information about your business directly. When most businesses want Google to send them visitors this cannot be a bad thing
  3. Google is combining its local information with the Google+ business pages and with it’s success in mobile it is maximising its SoLoMo potential. Are you?

And finally don’t forget to ‘Follow’ the Evonomie Google+ Business Page (as seen below):

Evonomie Google+ Page