The Google Search Console is one of the free tools that you can use to ensure that your website is as visible as possible on Google. If you run a website, then it is important to know what this tool can do and how you can use it to boost your online presence.

What is the Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is the current version of what used to be known as the Google Webmaster Tools. The Search Console underwent some significant updates in January 2018 and September 2019, which included a new interface and the loss of some of the older Webmaster Tools. It is a more simplified toolbox to check your site and includes site performance, checking individual web pages (URL inspection) as well as testing site speed.


The main purpose of the Google Search Console is to enable you to make sure that your website is visible when people are searching for relevant terms online. The visibility of your website will depend on how easy it is for Google to access and understand the pages. Google uses automated tools or crawlers to identify websites and learn about their content. If the crawler can’t reach parts of your website, then these pages won’t appear in Google search results. The pages may also be inaccessible to the crawlers used by other search engines too.

The Google Search Console provides various tools and reports that you can use to identify these issues and optimise your website’s visibility.

How Can You Use Google Search Console?

Creating a great website isn’t all it takes to make your business a success online. You also have to make sure that the right people are visiting your site in order to make purchases. Incorporating the right keywords and phrases in your content is part of this but you also need to consider how your webpages are structured. The layout of your website can also make a difference. All of these factors can determine what the crawlers sent out by search engines like Google are able to see when they look at your website. The results of their investigations will determine how visible your site is to people who are searching for relevant terms.

Google Search Console enables you to check for issues that could be blocking crawlers from parts of your website. You can use it to understand what these crawlers see so that you can make changes to improve your search rankings:

  • Discover issues such as webpages that the crawlers can’t access
  • Check that Google has indexed your site correctly and that it has seen the latest version of all your pages
  • Inspect individual URLs to understand what information Google’s crawlers are getting from the page
  • Find out how to improve the visibility of structured data like recipes or job listings by ensuring that Google recognises the content with Rich Results reports
  • Set up an email alert if Google finds any new problems

You can also use Google Search Console to check how well your site is performing on Google. The console includes tools and reports on your web analytics that you can use to see how well the changes you’re making are working:

  • See which words and phrases people were searching for before they came to your site
  • Check your position in the search rankings for relevant keywords and phrases
  • Get a report on how mobile-friendly your website is

3 Tips for Using Google Search Console for your Business

The Google Search Console includes various reports and tools but there are three key steps that you should start with to enhance the online visibility of your business website.

  1. Make Sure Google Sees Your Website

You can submit your sitemap or individual URLs to Google through the console to ensure that it is sending crawlers to check every page. You can also use the console to check for any issues that are blocking Google’s crawlers and set up email alerts so that any new issues are reported to you right away.

  1. Learn How to Improve Your SEO

The console includes web analytics reports on how well your site is performing on Google and how people are finding you online. You can also use the URL Inspection tool on your website to understand what Google sees on each page. Take a good look at this data to discover what is working and what is not. Which keywords aren’t creating clicks? Are you missing opportunities because your content is poorly structured and hard for the crawlers to understand?

  1. Improve Your Visibility on Google

Now that you know more about how your site appears on Google, you should be able to work out what needs to be changed. You might need to use headings, tags or other structural features to help Google understand the content or to change your SEO strategy to target more effective key phrases.

Following these tips to increase your visibility online with Google Search Console should help your business to reach more customers. The website that you have invested so much time and effort into creating will be easier to find.