Alternative staff recruitment

We are trying to recruit another member of staff. Typically responses from newspaper ads in this location are low. We’re an IT company and not keen to use an agency what do you suggest?

DIY recruitment always takes more time than using a professional agency. If you really want the DIY approach – which we have seen workig equally well – here are some ideas for you:

  1. A well written ad. It should encourage the reader to enquire and ask more questions rather than putting someone off early, who may be ideal.
  2. Prepare a long and a short version of the ad.
  3. Put the ad on your website.
  4. Add links onto all free online recruiting sites.
  5. Contact all your contacts with a short version of the ad.
  6. There are lots of supermarkets in your area and potential staff do pop in for a coffee or to buy sandwiches, think about creating an attractive ad to go into these supermarkets.
  7. Tell all staff what you’re looking for, give them the job description and offer say £250 if they find someone who is still there after 3 months!
  8. Perhaps staff could organise a viral campaign and promote the job to eveyone in their address book?
  9. Look at the associations and organisations you belong to – can they advertise the job on their websites or in a newsletter?
  10. Are there any ‘outplacement’ companies near you? Very often when good companies are closing they pay for outplacement for their staff; getting their CVs shortened, preparing for interviews etc and helping them identify jobs. It may be worth a look.