Ideal Apps for 2013

With 2013 well and truly upon us, the
saying ‘start as you mean to go on’ springs to mind. Many of us are planning
how we want 2013 to pan out from a business perspective and
changes/improvements we want to make to how we do business. That’s why we have put
together this guide to some of the ideal productivity apps to make your working
life that bit easier in 2013. 
Data Sharing: Dropbox for
, Apple/Android/Windows,
price variable

Upgrading a standard Dropbox account to Dropbox for Teams is
becoming ever more popular among businesses due to the superior sharing options
and integrated file revision history which makes this a worthwhile choice for
large teams working together on constantly updated documents. A free trial is
available making this a must try for businesses in 2013.

In a perfect world we would never lose our valuables or have
them stolen, but unfortunately we do not live in such a world and the reality
is things go missing everyday, smart phones and tablets especially. So having
an app which allows you to locate your lost or stolen item, back up the
contents and remotely wipe the device to keep all important and sensitive
information safe gives some added piece of mind. And seeing as it is free,
there is no reason not to get it!
Meeting Planning:
Meeting Mapper, iPad, £4.99
This clever app is available on iPad (unfortunately no
iPhone, Android or Windows version yet available) and if you look past what at
first seems a hefty price tag for a meeting app you will soon see why it’s
worth every penny and then some!
The Meeting Mapper is designed to help you have more
successful meetings by helping you learn more about those who will be present
at the future meeting. It tracks the role and opinions of each person making it
easy for you to tailor your approach. It also allows you to make action items
or next steps which can be scheduled in to be followed up.

Hootsuite is one of the top social media management
dashboards used by companies to handle all their social media channels in one
place. And when away from the desktop you can use the Hootsuite mobile app to
keep updated and continue scheduling posts on the go. *(The app is free but you
may need to pay for a Hootsuite plan depending on your needs and usage.)

Handling multiple email addresses on Android can a bit of a
job, but we have found the best easy to use email client for keeping all your
emails in one place. It can handle most IMAP, POP, WebDav and Exchange servers
and gives you a more full featured alternative to Google’s own Android mail
Know of an app not
listed here that you find useful in business? Please share it with us in the
comments section!