In advertising we don’t trust

from people I
sort of know are becoming important online currency. One of the
earliest review sites, TripAdvisor, draws wrath and delight from hotels,
restaurants and venues across the globe. The challenge with TripAdvisor is that
the reviews are not verified. As a Trip Advisor reviewer, I could review
absolutely anywhere, regardless of whether I
stayed or not.
Its clear that ratings, reviews and comments are here to stay
and as more websites adopt review systems to capture independent endorsements
of their business, independent verification is essential. LateRooms and Evivvo,
two other travel sites only send review invitations to people who have made a booking
through their website. This ensures the feedback displayed is genuine.

One growth
business area is the development of many review websites. Reevoo, TrustPilot,
Bazaarvoice, to name a few. What have you used? Which review sites do you
trust? Does it impact your purchase? Nielsen
global trust in advertising survey 2013 shows the most trusted form of advertising
is recommendations
from people I know. As this has grown in importance since the 2007 survey,
review sites are here to stay and need to be considered in your online
marketing mix.
review sites have I missed? Should yours be included?  Do let me know @annmariehanlon