Blog 100

This is our 100th post which considering the average age of a blogger is around 3 months, we’re doing quite well.

We started the blog as an experiment to see if it generated traffic to our website and to use it as a less formal ‘FAQ’ section to our more formal website. What have we found out so far?

Most of the traffic to the blog comes from search engines
Our web domain is unlikely to be found as it’s an invented name, whereas the blog allows us to post more content and google seems to like this

We don’t get many visitors on Saturdays and Sundays
No real surprise here and our busiest day of the week seems to be Monday!

The links we quote are visited
We include helpful links on articles, as well as some of the blogs we visit and the site stats show these are visited as well

Too early to comment on whether this is working yet 🙂

Our ‘bounce rate’ has decreased
A bounce rate is where people go onto your site and suddenly realise that they’re not where they thought they would be and immediately leave the site.

What else has worked?
We aim to post blog articles 1 or 2 times a week and so far we’re managing this. Two of us, myself and Joanna Akins share the postings and it doesn’t take too long.