Investigating the demographics of the readers of the world’s top blogs

Pingdom have carried out some research into who reads the world’s top
blogs which we found interesting:

  • The blog with the biggest share of older readers is The Caucus, with 25% of its readers being older than 64.
  • In contrast, Engadget, Joystiq, and Ars Technica have no readers over 64.
  • Ars Technica is the only blog with no readers younger than 25 years old, and no readers older than 54.
  • Hypebeast is the blog with the youngest average reader, 28.5 years.
  • Michelle Malkin has the blog with the oldest average reader, 52.2 years.
  • 59 of the 80 blogs we studied are dominated by male readers and 12 of female readers.
  • Hollywood Life is the blog with the highest share of female readers, 63%.
  • Android Authority, on the other hand, has the highest share of male readers, 70%.

You can find the full article, complete with high-res colorful charts here:

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