Companies for sale

Where can I find a list of companies for sale?

There are many websites that provide details of businesses for sale. A few are listed below: – – users can search by sector, region and country.

Business information shown includes price, turnover, net profit, years established, employees and whether the business can be relocated. Other details include:

  • Expansion potential
  • Competition / market
  • Support and training eg hand over period
  • Reason for selling
  • Trading hours

This site requires ‘premium’ subscription to make contact with the seller for businesses posted within the last 14 days – this costs £9.95 per month of £59.95 per year. Standard subscription is free (those postings older than 14 days). –

To view details of the businesses for sale requires a subscription. 6 months costs £35 plus VAT or 12 months at £65 plus VAT. This allows access to the seller’s contact details.

Daltons Business –

Businesses are searchable by type and/or location. A keyword search is available under Advanced search.

Details provided include sale price, location and a description. To contact the seller and view full details of the business a subscription to Daltons Business is required which costs £9.95 for a 12 month subscription for online access.