Advantages and disadvantages of free blogging tools

If you’re starting a blog, you might find this evaluation of different blogging tools useful. The top free blog platforms are Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger. Here are their advantages and disadvantages. Tumblr Advantages Tumblr is very user friendly; with no coding experience needed. Simply add content and click button to upload. Tumblr gives its users …

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Adding YouTube Videos to Bloggers

How do I add a video from YouTube to my blog (I use Blogger)? Log in to your blog and go to the Dashboard Choose Layout Page Elements Add a Gadget Choose the Video Bar gadget Choose a title for your video Enter the keywords for your video

Blog time

We’re thinking of setting up a blog, but we’re not sure how much time to allocate to it. How long does it take you to manage your blog? When we set up our blog we had clear objectives, firstly it wasn’t going to be a diary as we didn’t think people would be that interested. …

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Promoting Blogs Update

Update on promoting blogs James Cahill suggested the following: There are lots of other blog promoters that you can use some of them are:, Feedburner, My Yahoo, Blogrolling, Weblogalot, Topic Exchange,, Syndic8,, Blogstreet, Icerocket,Technorati, Newsgator, Blogdigger, Moreover, News is Free,You can register with all of these sites and then use a service …

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