Checklist for using social media for business

Social media is a cost effective way of communicating with
your customers. 
92% of customers around the world trust earned media more than
User-generated content can raise brand awareness as customers are
having conversations about your brand and products.

  •  Post-interaction emails, calls to action and
    contests are great way of attracting authentic content.

  • Share your earned media across multiple channels
    to ensure it is seen by shoppers throughout the buying cycle.

Use social as a welcoming place for customers to engage with
your brand.

  • Invite them to share opinions, product ratings
    and reviews.

    Show consumers that you value their
    contributions by sharing their content and answering questions.

 Over 70% of shoppers research online before
making a purchase so make sure your earned media is easily accessible.

Target your marketing activities with insights gleaned
from social media.

Social allows you to see shoppers’ preferences
and buying motivations. Social shows you the keywords people are using to talk
about you brand and products.

  • Incorporate these into your Search Engine

Social media is a great way of finding new ideas and gaining
feedback for product development.
Invite your customers to share their ideas for
new products. This will give them an interest in the brand and they are more
likely to become advocates.

  • When releasing a new product select advocates to
    trial the product in return for feedback. This earned media can then be used in
    adverts and on social sites to create a buzz around the product launch.

Boost your campaign conversion rates by using social media. 
the visibility of word of mouth content can increase ‘buy now’ action by up to
76% and time spent on your site by up to 79%.
Customers want to make informed
buying decisions.

  •  Display customer ratings on products to turn
    browsers into buyers.
  • Social channels should be used as a forum where you can
    interact with your customers, gaining their trust, loyalty and feedback. 
Quick Win Social Media Marketing

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