Client survey

We have been advised to survey our top clients. Why should we do this and what can we ask?

Top clients or VIP clients tend to contribute most towards a company. It’s important to stay in touch and find out what they really think, before they place orders elsewhere. Conducting a survey with these clients focuses on retaining them and identifying opportunities to add value.

There are lots of questions you can ask, but we believe that the key questions are

1. Why did you select our company?
2. What do you use our company for?
3. Do you use any other organisation / company for these services / products?
4. What do you like about our company?
5. What do you dislike about our company?
6. What change is likely to have a benefit on your company [other than pricing!]?
7. What kind of added value are you looking for?
8. How can we help improve your product or process?
9. What can I do to add value to your process?