Environmental Policy

I need to write an environmental policy, what do I include?

Your environmental policy will detail your organisation’s mission in terms of how it intends to manage the environmental impact of its activities.

Other people will see your environmental statement so make sure it’s easy to understand and interesting to read. Leave out the jargon and concentrate on what the organisation is doing to reduce it’s CO2 emissions in simple terms. Make sure you include everything, however small or insignificant you think it is – whatever you do counts!

Some topics you could include are:

  • Recycling – do you recycle and if so, what? What do you do with packaging you receive supplies in?
  • Electricity – what could you do to lower the amount of electricity you use?
  • Office Equipment – what happens to your used printer cartridges or computer equipment no longer needed?
  • Transport – do any of the staff at your organisation walk to work, use public transport, cycle or work from home at any point during the week?

Physical Evidence

  • Ensure that all staff read it.
  • Post your Environmental Policy on your company’s website to allow visitors to read it.
  • Nominate an ‘environmental officer’ to check that environmental procedures are being followed.
  • Measure your carbon footprint!

Why do I need one?

An Environmental Policy demonstrates to your stakeholders that protecting the environment is important to your company.

Environmental policies have become extremely important to people and businesses in recent years who may have an ethical policy to only deal with those businesses who have environmental considerations.It will save your organisation money and help to protect the environment.

For tips on reducing your CO2 emissions and helping to protect the environment, visit: