Contact centre adopts verbal content analytics

Homeserve runs major contact centres helping people with
domestic appliance issue (when your washing machines stops working, you call
for an engineer, if you have their insurance). One of their challenges is
taking lots of telephone calls at the same time.
We received information about how they’re working with a contact
centre technology specialist Sabio use a speech analytics solution. This is what they
“Since going live, HomeServe’s speech analytics solution has
analysed over 1 million customer interactions – enabling the company to help
ensure an effortless experience for its customers. This includes identifying
repeat call causes and highlighting components of specific customer journeys
that require further optimisation.”
The results of this technology mean that they could identify
the calls that had above average hold times for customers. By acting on this
intelligence, HomeServe has been able to reduce overall hold times by an
average of 20 seconds per call. We imagine it will take longer to gain further
results and it’s a great way for a traditional business to embrace the latest