How to Promote Your Online Content


Having created great content, discover free and paid options to promote your online content and share more widely.


Ways to promote your online content include free content promotion options and paid content promotion promotional services.

There many different ways to promote online content and it can get a little overwhelming when you try to sort through your options. There are paid services, and there are also several options available for those who prefer not to spend money on content promotion. Whether your budget is large or small, it’s likely that one or more of these will help you promote your online content and get your brand out to your audience.

4 Free Content Promotion Options

IFTTT is a free content promotion tool that you can use to make promoting your own content much easier. It works by automating certain content promotion tasks, so you can automatically promote your content as it’s created. For instance, the IFTTT tool can be configured to post blog updates to Twitter and other platforms automatically.

Medium is an open publishing platform that anyone can post to. You can post original content, or post content that you’ve already published elsewhere. With nearly 100 million visitors a month, this is a great option if you’re hoping to gain a wider following.

Triberr is a free service that helps you connect with people who create content that’s similar to your own. You can connect with these people by joining a “tribe,” and then share your content with them. Within the tribe, you can share other people’s content on your own blog or website, and your tribe members do the same for you.

Viral Content Bee works along similar lines, where you and like-minded content producers share and promote each other’s content.


8 Paid Content Promotion Services

Paid content promotion services are growing and depend on your organisation size and number of users. The table below summarises the tools and pricing options.


Paid Content Promotion Services Pricing
Hootsuite Amplify Available on application
MeetEdgar USD$49 a month
OptinMonster From USD$19 to $99
Outbrain Minimum daily spend of USD$10
Quuu From USD$15 a month
Sigstr From a USD$200 month
Sniply From a USD$29 month
Sumo From USD$29 a month

Hootsuite Amplify is designed to help you increase your social media reach, by making it easier for your company’s employees to share the content you produce. It provides you with easy ways to track the most productive content sharers, and the content that’s most successful. This service is available to Hootsuite Enterprise subscribers, and it’s one of the more expensive ones on the list. Pricing is available on application, as it’s decided on a case-by-case basis.

MeetEdgar is a social media scheduling tool, but with an added extra that makes it a cut above many of the others. The beauty of MeetEdgar is that it shares new content as you add it, just like Hootsuite and other scheduling tools, but it also schedules reshares of older content. This gives you a content queue that’s always got something scheduled and means that new followers have a chance to see your older content as it comes up in the queue. MeetEdgar is USD$49 a month (around £40), or $539 (around £420) for an annual subscription.

OptinMonster is an excellent tool to use when your email list is a primary means of reaching your audience. This one helps you build better lead-generation forms, to increase sign-up rate, as well as improve the conversion rate of the leads you get. The package price scales up according to your monthly page views and other factors, with packages ranging from USD$19 to $99 (around £15 to £75).

Outbrain works along similar lines as Google Adsense, but instead of paying per click for advertising, you’re paying for clicks on the content you want to promote. Outbrain has a minimum daily spend of USD$10 (around £8).

Quuu is a comprehensive suite of content-sharing tools: along with a content-scheduling option, it also recycles your older content to keep your feeds busy. It also hand-curates content in interest categories you specify, so you can easily add relevant posts to your queue to share with your audience. Quu starts at USD$15 (around £12) a month for a basic plan and scales up to $99 (around £78) a month for larger businesses.

Sigstr is all but a must-have for larger companies. With this simple service, you can create signatures that appear on the outgoing email signatures of all your employees. Design effective calls-to-action to promote new content, online events, and anything else you choose, and your employees’ emails will then serve as an additional form of advertising. Sigstr charges according to employee numbers, starting at USD$200 (around £160) a month for 50 employees.

Sniply is a simple but effective tool for enhancing links with calls-to-action. Any link can be enhanced in this way, whether it’s your own content, or the content you curate to share with your audience. Sniply is USD$29 (around £22) for a basic account, all the way up to $299 (around £235) for an agency account.

Sumo is a suite of tools that offers a variety of options for enhancing your ecommerce website. With tools that help you grow your email list, increase purchase totals, and reduce cart abandonment, Sumo is incredibly easy to use, and has plenty of potential for both small and large online retailers. Sumo starts at USD$29 (around £22) a month and scales up with total revenue.

Try the content promotion tools – Before you buy!

Adding one or two of these tools to your toolkit could make a substantial difference to the reach and impact of your content. Many of these options offer a free basic account, or a free month before your subscription starts. Try out one or more of the free and paid options before deciding on which tools you want to use on a permanent basis!