4 essentials for copy writing

Copywriting critical factors

Why professional copy writing is essential to your digital marketing strategy.

When it comes to sourcing resources for a digital marketing campaign, copy writing can be an easy skill to overlook. You know you need a specialist to implement an SEO plan, design a viral-worthy infographic or run an effective PR campaign. But anyone can write, right?

However, more and more digital agencies are waking up to the fact that professional copy writing is perhaps the most important of all skills in the digital sphere. Why? Because it impacts on virtually every other aspect of your campaign. Simply put, if you get the content wrong, no matter how much time and money you invest elsewhere, you’ll be fighting a losing battle from the outset.

Here are 4 essentials needed for successful copywriting, which can play a critical role in your campaign.

1 – Create the perfect headline

Digital marketing campaigns need a strong hook to draw people in. Whether it’s a piece of industry insight, a quirky spin on something that’s happening in popular culture or a promotion, a copywriter can help you to create that all important headline that inspires your audience to find out more. 

2 – Tell a compelling story

A good headline might draw an audience in, but once you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention, it’s important you’re able to sustain it. A copywriter can work closely with you to pull out the key take-aways of your campaign and fashion them into a compelling narrative that guides your user to the desired end point – be it purchase, social sharing or sign-up. They can also help you to develop the right call-to-action to ensure your campaign gets the best possible results.

3 – Support an SEO campaign

SEO and link building is far more than just a numbers game. Search engines such as Google are more sophisticated than ever before, and their algorithms are designed to penalise pages that add no value to the user. This means that unique, shareable content is an essential component of a successful SEO campaign – hence the often repeated line that when it comes to SEO, ‘content is king’.

4 – Be authentic

Few things are more likely to dent the credibility of your business than poorly written, factually inaccurate or inconsistent copy. Focus on authenticity and ensure you shape your copy so that it reads well and conveys a sense of credibility and trust.