How can Twitter help you? 7 reasons to use Twitter as a customer service tool

how @LondonMidland and @VirginTrains use Twitter well.
Twitter is a great tool for digital marketing and customer

But have you considered using it as a customer service tool?

Twitter is ideal for customer service, offering advantages that traditional
methods cannot provide. 

Many brands have adopted Twitter as a customer service tool,
adapting their bios to make them more user friendly and customer service
orientated. London Midland and Virgin Trains are good examples, not only are
their Twitter handles easy to find but they have also included contact times in
their bio, letting customers know when they can expect a reply. Along with this
there are other contact details included for people who want an instant reply
to their queries or wish to talk to somebody.
The advantages of using Twitter to provide customer service include:

  1. Live
    – Twitter allows you to give live updates that reach a large number
    of people, particularly helpful for businesses such as London Midland who can
    send out alerts regarding delayed or cancelled trains. Twitter is useful for
    informing customers of any down time or problems on your main website too.
  2. Answer
    – If you have a large volume of followers asking similar questions,
    Twitter is a great way of providing an answer with one tweet instead of having
    to reply directly to each one.
  3. A more
    personal approach
    . Twitter is a more informal way of communicating and is
    closer to face-to-face interaction than other forms of customer service.
  4. Private
    . If a customer wishes to keep their communication private
    they have the option of sending direct messages to the business Twitter
  5. Promotions.
    If there are any loyalty promotions or offers available, Twitter lets you
    communicate them to a large selection of existing and potential customers.
    These may otherwise be dismissed as spam when sent by other means such as email
    or post.
  6. Visibility.
    The use of hashtags on Twitter means you can easily find tweets that mention
    your business or a topic related to your business. Likewise, they allow
    existing and potential customers to find your Twitter profile and tweets with
  7. It’s free
    and convenient.
     Many customers
    choose to contact businesses via social media as they can tweet or message on
    the go from smart phones, laptops and tablets. They can also avoid calling
    numbers that may charge them.

As with any extension of your business, there are some points
you should consider before choosing to use Twitter as a customer service tool:

  • Do you have a team member that is competent in using
    Twitter and its features?
  • Do you have the manpower to provide a service
    where people can get timely responses

Note that the brands doing well on Twitter aim to provide a
response time of around 4 to 16 hours. If you can deliver, then Twitter
could fast become one of your most effective ways of providing customer
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