News from the E-business Conference 2009.

Annmarie and I both attended the E-business Conference 2009 at the National B2B Centre in Coventry on Thursday last week. Highlights were:

45 Tips in 45 minutes by Susan Hallam of Hallam Internet Marketing. Excellent presentation, lots of enthusiam, clearly someone who is passionate about what they do. Here are some of her tips:

  • Add yourself to Google’s local business directory.
  • Feature on the BBC News website by contacting them with good newsworthy articles – make sure you add a link to your website.
  • Create an Amazon profile.
  • Add your products to Google Shopping.
  • Set up Google Alerts (to show mentions of your company, competitors or yourself).

6 email marketing tips for B2B companies by Dave Chaffey. Another excellent presentation about what to consider when using email marketing. To view the slides from Dave Chaffey’s presentation visit his website here: Here are just some of the points made within Dave Chaffey’s presentation:

  • Place the enewsletter sign up above the fold on your website.
  • Give reasons why people should sign up to receive your enewsletters.
  • Gather more information about your customers by asking them to provide more information about themselves / their preferences at the ‘sign up to receive enewsletters’ stage.
  • Use for Twitter to find out your most clicked through Twitter updates.
  • Have a social networking policy in place. You can see examples of corporate social networking policies at

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