Digital marketing audit part 2

digital marketing audit

How will a digital audit improve your overall digital strategy?

As more companies develop their online brand, more emphasis is being put on online marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. With so many channels to utilise and so much to review, it can be difficult to know that your business is on the right track. However, a digital marketing audit can be the perfect way to review your site.

Our previous post about digital marketing audit basics analysed how to carry out such an audit, this post looks how an audit can improve the overall performance of your site and benefit your business.

A digital audit will allow you to obtain an overview of your digital presence and online reach as well as giving you insights into your overall performance.

Measure digital marketing touchpoints

A digital audit will allow you to view your digital assets and monitor the initial points of contact that clients have with your company. How your site works and how your brand is presented to customers is vital to the survival of a company, and a digital audit will allow you to see what content is working for you and which landing pages are letting you down or require more time and effort.

Content marketing

A digital audit will allow you to review all content and filter relevant pieces. By carrying out an audit, you will see the gaps in your content and what pages need to be refreshed and reworked. Using tools such as HubSpot Keyword Grader Tool or the Moz toolbar can give you insight into content and areas of strong performance.

Improve conversions

Carrying out a digital audit will allow you to view conversion rates for your site and see what call to actions need to be improved. Getting a customer to get in touch can be difficult, thus by carrying out such an audit you will improve your overall digital marketing strategy.

Measure your return on investment

Often companies splurge a substantial amount of capital reshaping their site and rejigging their content. By using tools such as Screaming Frog or even WooRank you can measure your return on investment (ROI), which gives you a clear overview of your digital performance.

For more information on carrying out a digital audit, take a look at our previous blog post on how to carry out a digital audit.

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