3 Digital Marketing Campaigns That Broke The Mould

Digital marketing was once seen as just another passing
trend among the world of marketing, but as technology grew and became further
integrated within our lives, so did digital marketing. Today, it’s one of the
best ways to reach new and varied audiences, with useful mediums such as social
media and video at our disposal. But as technologies change, there is a growing
the need for the way we communicate with audiences to remain fresh and adaptive.
Here are 3 examples of new and innovative digital campaigns that took a risk
that paid off, finding creative new ways to reach our ever diversifying

   1.       Littlewoods ‘Live’ Campaign: With a
need to build relationships with customers through their new online-only
shopping format, the Littlewoods’ ‘Live’ campaign found an innovative and
highly measured new way to get audiences to interact. They held hour-long
celeb-hosted live shows, on which they would showcase a collection from their
website and have live ‘Q+As’ with the celebrity host, at which point Facebook
users could post questions and hear them read out and answered live. The first
show was a huge success, leading to an increase of almost 300% in the first
week sales after episode one was broadcast, leading them to continue with more
live shows on a regular basis.

    2.       The Co-operative’s ‘Join The Revolution’
As a society, we are very conscious of issues such as
sustainability and poverty. So The Co-operative decided to run a multi-platform
campaign aimed at making them the number one business in the UK for social
responsibility. Their call to action involved a 60 second TV ad, social media
and press campaign, all directing people to a web portal on which they could
‘join the revolution’ by signing up and choosing to contribute in their own way.
They could choose from contributing locally, e.g. helping community projects to
get underway, right up to more global issues such as Fairtrade. They increased
their Facebook fan base by 400% and racked up 365,000 unique visits to the web
portal, with 42,000 people signing up to take part.

     3.       Hive Bookstores Launch Campaign: Our
society is very conscious of helping local traders, but more and more people
are finding the convenience of online shopping much easier. So when Tangent
Snowball created and launched the Hive Bookstores website, where you can shop
online for books and entertainment from local bricks and mortar book shops, it
hit a nerve with the general public. Needless to say the expert digital branding
and social media strategy was what made the launch such a success, with people
who weren’t necessarily as conscious of local shopping before now going out of
their way to ‘shop locally, online’.

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