8 Tips to Optimise Your Email Marketing

Although some of the newer and exciting tools have tended to
overshadow email marketing recently, it is not a method that should be
overlooked or underestimated. Nor should it be assumed that because people have
offered up their email addresses in exchange for information about your brand
should it be any easier of a sell. The following 8 tips will keep your email
marketing campaign optimized from creation to inbox: 
1. Don’t let your email be discarded before opening.
Incentives placed in subject lines have been linked to a 50% increase in open
2. Keep typefaces below a maximum of 3, as cluttered emails
are not attractive.
3. As much as 70% of recipients are said to not see anything
below the fold, so keep the most important information and call to action above
this point.
4. Forcing recipients to scroll horizontally in an email
will not earn you any Brownie points, so keep the width to a very maximum of
650 pixels.
5. People automatically scan the left upper corner of an
email for a logo, so put yours there to maximise visibility.
6. Keep your subject like short, snappy and to the point,
and ensure people know what to expect from the email from reading the subject
line alone.
7. Keep the look and feel of each email as close as possible
to the landing page you are directing to, and track progress as to which worked
8. Send a test to a friend or colleague and ask them if they
can decipher the call to action and general point of the email within 5 seconds
of receiving it. If yes, your work here is done. If not, keep trying.