Marketing Masterclass Series: A programme of 6 modules designed to grow your business

Organised by Plato Dublin [EMAIL:], the aim of this programme is to enable the owners / managers / directors of Plato Companies to build a successful marketing plan and make profits. This Marketing Masterclass Series will show both the experienced and the less experienced a host of practical marketing tips and tools to grow your business.

The 6 module Programme will commence on Tuesday 18th September 2007 and will run through to November 2007

TIME: From 08.00am to 1.00pm
VENUE: Grand Canal Hotel, Ballsbridge


Module 1 – Marketing for Profits: Tuesday 18th September

  • An understanding of why marketing is essential
  • Structured approach to reviewing internal and external markets
  • Tools to conduct a competitor analysis

Module 2 – Delighting the Customer and growing your business: Tuesday 2nd October

  • Questions for your own customer surveys
  • Tactics on improving customer service
  • Tips on how to harness customer delight

Module 3 – Market Focus through Segmentation, Product and Pricing: Tuesday 16th October

  • Skills to create a Market Map showing the path to segmentation
  • Proficiency in how to review your current product offers and extend / reduce where appropriate
  • An understanding of the components in the pricing mix

Module 4 – Successfully Promoting your Business: Tuesday 30th October

  • Background to the Promotional Toolbox, what to use and when
  • A set of your own toolbox tips
  • Helpful tactics and advice on promoting your business

Module 5 – The Effective Selling Process: Tuesday 13th November

  • An understanding of the sales process, the steps involved
  • Tips on selling to existing and new customers
  • Tools to overcome objections and convert that sale

Module 6 – Action Planning and Implementation: Tuesday 27th November

  • Tools to create a set of objectives for your business
  • Action plan template for your business
  • Tips on making it happen successfully