How can I create two pages on Facebook?

I want to create two pages on Facebook for two different businesses. I don’t want one group of clients seeing the other page. How do I do this?

To create a company page on Facebook you need a real profile. Facebook is starting to contact people with ‘fake’ profiles or profiles of companies and telling them to switch or it will be removed.

1 Create the profile

2 Go to ‘Advertising’ at the bottom of the page

3 Select pages and you will see ‘create a page’ button, click on this to get started

To create the second page:
4 Go to ‘Advertising’ at the bottom of the page, then select pages and in the top right you can see ‘create a page’ click on this button to create page two.

Although you’ll be managing two pages that you may want to keep separate, people viewing your pages will NOT see that you are the admin. This means they can’t see the connection between the two pages.

It’s a good idea to get someone else to help out as an ‘admin’ which means if you ever lose your Facebook details, someone else can unlock this easily.

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