PostEgram, based in Detroit (originally called News From Yous) is a way for people (not on Facebook) to stay up to date with news from friends and family.

It is a Facebook application which will create a newsletter sent out to your chosen recipients by post. PostEgram describes itself as “it’s YOUR Facebook on THEIR doorstep”.

According to the demo video you will need to:

  • Log on to Facebook
  • Go to the PostEgram newsletter application
  • Choose the family members whose news and photos you want to include in the newsletter.

PostEgram will print this information into a personalised newsletter and send it to the intended recipient.

The latest status updates and photos of your selected friends and family are included, however, some status updates aren’t newsworthy so you can remove any that you don’t want to be included in the newsletter.

See a sample newsletter here

The Facebook application is currently in development.

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