Pros and Cons of Social Networks for B2B

Many B2B businesses are just finding their feet on social
media, in an ever increasingly digital world and the choice of channels can be
somewhat overwhelming. Knowing which social networks out of the many out there
are the best for reaching your own audience is half the battle, that’s why we
have highlighted some strengths and weaknesses of the main social channels for
business, to help you decide which ones are best for your B2B business:
– Usually ignored by the majority B2B businesses, this social network has 1
billion users, many of which are potentially untapped B2B leads. If used
correctly, Facebook could gain a B2B company the competitive edge and help them
tap into a fresh new audience. Use of the straight forward, cost effective
advertising on offer is a great place to start.
– Often berated for its 140 character limit and fast paced nature, Twitter is a
great place for B2B companies to get creative and generate leads. Being forced
to sum up your company’s message in 140 characters means getting creative, and
creativity leads to sales. 
Google+ –
For one, it’s owned by a search engine and is one of the fastest growing
social networks in the history of the internet. Its 90 million user base may
pale in comparison to Facebook’s or Twitter’s, but its still growing. Another
strength is the SEO benefits that come with being owned by a search engine,
meaning businesses can no longer afford to ignore it as a viable choice of
social network.

If your company only joins one social network, make it LinkedIn. It’s the
largest professional network in the world and every F500 company execs has a
LinkedIn profile . Profiles read like an online business portfolio, making it
great for searching for and connecting with the right people within relevant
companies, building business relationships and generating sales.