Read It Later

Do you ever get distracted by reading articles on the internet during the day? If so, Read it later is the answer!

It is a quick and easy way of saving articles as favourites and reserving some time during the week to read through them all. This may be for writing blog articles, tweeting news or sending useful articles to your clients or just keeping up to date with the latest industry news.

Go to and click on the Add to Firefox or other internet browsers listed below this.

For example, choose Internet Explorer, click on Read It Later’s web version.

Select Read It later under the Available Bookmarklets and then follow the instructions to add the Bookmarklets – you need to hover over the icons, right click and add to your Favourites.

After setting this up you can then view your saved pages and click on Reading List to read through them.

It is also possible to view your Reading List online by creating an account.

There is also a Readitlater iPhone app.

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