Car tracking 24/7

CarLock has created an app to connect car owners to their vehicles 24/7. 

This info is from the CarLock team – sounds like a great gadget!

The technology is plugged into the diagnostic port, and via a mobile app vehicle owners can track their cars and monitor security remotely.

  • Find your car – if you can’t remember where you parked it in a large car park or an unknown city, the CarLock app will navigate to your vehicle.
  • Theft attempt notification – get an instant subtle notification if anything happens in your vehicle while you’re away from it. The device will tell you exactly what was attempted or achieved – engine started, car moved etc.
  • Battery updates – monitor the health of your car battery, and get notified if it’s running low.
  • Crash Help – If you are involved in a crash, the app will send messages to your chosen contacts and inform them. If someone else is driving your car and crashes it, you’ll receive urgent notification.
  •  The smart mobile phone notifications mean you are discreetly kept informed of your vehicle’s whereabouts and security without waking the whole neighbourhood.