Group Buying For Business Checklist: Key Things To Remember

Things To Ask Yourself Before Dealing With
A Group Buying Site:

group buying checklist need to know groupon living social ü 
What are my marketing objectives, and where does
group buying come into achieving these?
Do I have the necessary budget?
Are we ready for the high increase in demand?
Enough staff, equipment, space, products, etc.
 ü  Do my products and/or services fit the bill? Are
Low cost? So a high item volume could be
Items with high profit margins? In order to
minimise losses.
Consumable? To ensure the likelihood of repeat
custom sooner rather than later.
Items that I can use to up-sell or cross-sell
other products or services? Potential for profit to compensate losses.
Things To Ask The Group Buying Site Before Making The Deal:

What is your company’s profile and back story?
Where are you based?
Are my target market a part of your company’s
What are your company’s own marketing strategies
and how do they benefit the companies involved in your site?
What businesses have you worked with and in
which industry sectors? Are any of them my competitors?
To the consumer, what makes you different from
other group buying sites?
What are the requirements for the deal and how
much of each sale do you take?
How and when is payment for sales processed?
After the deal is made, do you offer any
additional post deal support?