Our Favourite Android Replacements For TweetDeck

With the sad news of Twitter’s decision to kill off their
TweetDeck Android applications, many of you will be searching for
mobile-friendly alternatives to replace the lost apps. Here are just some of
our favourite alternatives for mobile social media management:

has always been the direct rival of TweetDeck, so with the news of TweetDeck’s
mobile demise it may be set to take the reigns as the leader. Their mobile app
gives you the ability to manage multiple social media accounts across a variety
of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare.
In app you have the ability auto-schedule messages across
your social media platforms for maximum impact, or manually schedule messages
at your preferred times. You can also view the news feeds for each account, and
view statistics and contacts, making it one of the best apps when it comes to
variety of functions as many mobile versions of online or desktop software are
far more limited. The amount of functionality is however affected by the level
of account you have, be it free or premium.

Plume isn’t
as visually pleasing as some of the other TweetDeck alternatives for Android,
but it is one of the best in terms of similarity to TweetDeck and ample
features. It will please TweetDeck converts to know that this app prides itself
on having customisable columns, a favourite feature of many who have used
TweetDeck before. Much like Hootsuite, the features include being able to scan
news feeds of various accounts, however it is currently limited to just Twitter
and Facebook, although this isn’t considered to be too much of an issue as
these were the main platforms on TweetDeck.

boasts being the number 1 Twitter client in the Google Play store and claims to
have over 6 million users. What makes this such a popular choice is its well
designed interface and ability to allow you to access multiple Twitter accounts
and the ability to sync your Facebook account and post to both Twitter and
Facebook in app. There are free and paid for (£3.07) versions of the app, and
it has to be said the paid for version is worth splashing out on as it contains
no annoying advertisements, which can be a pain in the free version.

is another great app for managing multiple Twitter accounts with the addition
of a Facebook account, and offers a very familiar experience for previous
TweetDeck users when it comes to the interface. With columns and
swipe-to-navigate features, it’s almost like a home from home for TweetDeck
veterans, only with added features such as ‘Inner Circle’, which is a filtering
feature similar to Google+ Circles, allowing you to add specific users to a
customised column, ideal for those who like to filter work and personal
Here’s a summary of the apps and the key features they offer:
Post To Multiple Accounts
Syncs with Facebook
Syncs with LinkedIn and Foursquare
In-app analytics
Customisation Options/Filtering

So although the news of the TweetDeck app’s departure is sad, there are plenty of alternatives on the Android market that can offer you the same if not better features and a great overall experience when it comes to multi-platform social media management on the go.

What’s your preferred TweetDeck replacement for Android? Whether it’s
one of the above or one we haven’t yet mentioned, we would love to hear about
why you prefer it in the comments section below!
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