Workshops – how do we increase numbers?

We’re running some workshops and need tips on how we can get people to attend

We have found with workshops that there are different reasons people attend

  • Because they are good at attending events to gain knowledge or understanding
  • Because they may have an issue arising which makes the event meaningful to them
  • Because it’s taking place at an unusual venue, or somewhere they would not normally get access to – such as a museum; out of season they will do really good deals

In terms of getting people to attend

  • Fear generally does not work
  • Peer pressure does!
  • A small charge makes the event more valuable than a free event and seems like there is no ‘catch’

A strong invite is needed giving more information, as well as an instruction to take action; telephone, email or even fax.

You need to follow up on the invites

  • They need the message 3 times! So email, fax – but ensure you are not contravening data protection laws!
  • Follow up by phone to check the invite has arrived ok and to ask if they are attending and with anyone else from their organisation.
  • Also, telephone the day before to confirm as well.

Other marketing

  • Add everything to your website
  • Send press releases to relevant business publications; January is a slow time for news so a good time to get stories published
  • Send the email to everyone you know as well, saying ‘hope you don’t mind me sending this to you. If you know anyone that may find it useful, please pass it on. Thanks etc’