What makes one influencer stand out from the rest?

It’s an interesting question – what makes one influencer stand out from the rest?

If you have ever been curious as to why digital marketing agencies or brands choose to work with particular bloggers or influencers, you would be wrong to assume it was all down to follower count. With the rise of bot and bought followings, in addition to high demand and increased pricing, marketers have to be a little more savvy when it comes to selecting who to work with in order to get those all important back links and quality social media coverage.

Here is a list of what to look out for when reaching out to influencers.

A Strong Domain Authority

A score based on the site’s age, popularity and size. Online tools, such as Moz, calculate which sites are of the highest quality and status. You should aim to work with those with a Domain Authority  of around 30 or above.



There is absolutely nothing worse than an influencer letting you down at the last minute or not sticking to the brief. So, in order to uphold an excellent service, it is important to work with those who are going to deliver the goods. If we notice quality work, with back links, strong images and copy already on an influencer’s site, see a campaign that has worked really well that they’ve been involved with, or are simply informed they are a dream to collaborate with, we are more likely to contact them.

You may also seek out influencers who have won awards such as Eltoria who has gained recognition for her blogging.

A sense of pride

With tools such as Grammarly, there really is no need for sloppy work, so it is far less likely an agency will reach out to an influencer whose platform is littered with misplaced apostrophes and spelling errors.

Active social media presence

Although this is not everything, it is important our clients get the highest possible reach when partnering with influencers. One notion is that you only reach out to those with over 10,000 followers on at least one social media platform. The other concept is aiming for those with quality rather than quantity and this is where micro-influencers feature.

A range of platforms

Another excellent indication of a better reach for a client is when an influencer’s remit spans across a range of platforms – think blogger and YouTuber. If they are willing to work with us on their best performing platform, great. Across all of them? Even better.

Who are your influencers? How and where did you find them? Do let me know!