Upgrading your website

Websites provide customers with access to your company 24/7. Today a website is an intrinsic element of a company’s marketing mix and it’s essential to get it right.
These are our 7 top tips for upgrading your website.

1. Decide your objectives

  • What do you want to get out of your website?
  • To generate leads
  • To reassure existing customers
  • To check stock
  • To enable customers to buy online?
  • Before you review your website, decide what you need.

2. Prepare your content

  • Getting noticed in a crowded world has become more challenging and fighting your way up the search engine ladder can be tough.
  • It starts with great content.
  • Content that’s relevant and recent:
  • relevant to people searching for your products or services
  • recent enough to attract the search engines.

3. Less is more

  • Too much information on a website can lead a potential customer to make a negative decision about your business instead of picking up the telephone and calling you.
  • Look at alternatives to lengthy text articles.
  • Can you add a YouTube video?
  • Or a PowerPoint presentation?
  • Or a series of great photos?

4. Looking good

  • Design matters when we encounter so many brands on a daily basis but ease of use is more important!
  • A great looking site that is difficult to navigate is likely to lose more visitors than a less attractive, but easy to use site.

5. Don’t forget the construction

  • Many sites use flash or other plug-ins, but this isn’t available for Apple iPad and mobile phone users.
  • Sites using this technology may need a re-think.

6. Make sites search engine friendly

  • There are many simple tasks from creating good ALT tags and adding appropriate Title text, to updating content and finding suitable sites with which to connect.
  • Get the construction right from the start.

7. Link it all together

  • If you’re using YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter or blogs, don’t forget to tell your visitors to explore these sites too!

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