How not to upset your followers on LinkedIn

LI invisibility cloak
Ever stopped following someone on LinkedIn because they seem to spend their day updating their profile?

Sometimes when you login to LinkedIn and check your news feed there is update after update from one of your network who has made small changes to their profile, but it clogs up your news feed. Have you ever stopped following someone on LinkedIn because they seem to spend their day updating their profile?
Here’s how to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.
If you don’t wear your invisibility cloak, every detail of your profile amendment (qualification details, experience details) will keep popping up to your network which may have the effect of some of your network unfollowing you as the information is too much.

Your LinkedIn Invisibility Cloak

To wear your invisibility cloak follow these steps:

  1. Go to Account & Settings (click on your thumbnail photo, top right)
  2. Scroll to Privacy & Settings and select manage
  3. Look half-way down the page and select the Privacy Controls shown here
LinkedIn Invisbility 1

LinkedIn Privacy Controls

Look at the first three items and

  1. Turn on/off your news mention broadcasts – UNTICK THE BOX
  2. Turn on/off your activity broadcasts – UNTICK THE BOX
  3. Select who can see your activity feed – CHANGE TO ONLY YOU

Automatic LinkedIn updates that you can’t control

Do be aware that these updates are automatically published (you have no control over these):

  • Adding a new job position
  • Adding a new link to a website
  • Recommending someone
  • Following a company
  • Adding a connection
  • Adding additional skills to your profile
  • Sharing content with your network
  • Editing the title of your current position
  • Current work experience anniversaries

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