How to personalise QR codes

Quick Response (QR) codes are a great way of connecting
offline marketing to online marketing.   

advertising is in decline and when you’re reading an advert, looking at a
product and need more information, a QR code is the ideal way to drive shoppers
to a website, telephone number or address. QR codes are being adopted by more
people and the increase in smartphones makes them more accessible.
They can be used on
  • Business cards
  • Magazine adverts (L’Oreal does this a lot)
  • Posters and billboards
  • Product info
  • In store information
  • At museums, visitor sites
  • Estate agents to advertise property to a link direct to the house
  • Holiday ads that link direct to the offer

Where to get your Personalised QR codes
fee paid service from £49.99 per code fee paid service from £69.00 per code
fee paid service from $35.00 per code
Microsoft has created ‘Tag’ (2012), its own version of a different
QR code (which it calls a Tag) and can create a Near Field Communication tag,
barcode or mobile code. It’s free and trackable. See ‘What is Tag?’ Microsoft

If you want a traditional code try
no login and instant code for mobile, address etc which also
sells your own QR code as a t-shirt, mug and business card!
requires login

editor – Annmarie Hanlon, @annmariehanlon