Podcasting how to?

We’d like to record our newsletter as a podcast, how can we do this?

We’ve found a few companies that can help:

SuiteTalk in Birmingham, England offer an annual programme where clients record a monthly podcast for £99 per month. This includes visit to the studio where the recording is made, use of a technician to edit and tidy up the rough edges and conversion into MP3 or WAV files. These are uploaded to their server and can be downloaded at any time. We have used their services and know of others that have as well and all reports are excellent.

We know of another company ST16 in Staffordshire, England who offer what we think is the same service, but charge £200.

Another company we’ve just trialled are Ben Eden and we emailed the script – around 400 words – he created a podcast which cost £26 which is a great alternative if you are stuck for time.

In Ireland we have found Conn Ó Muíneacháin of Edgecast Media Ltd who has recorded podcasts for many sectors including Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Marketing, Media, Government & Public Service, Voluntary & Non-profit Organisations. They are produced for marketing & PR, internal communications & training as well as conferences and events.

Does anyone else know of any other companies offering podcasting? Do let us know.