Top Tips For Optimised Twitter Ad Success

digital advertising twitter ads PPCTwitter advertising has been around for a while, but they
recently rocketed the ads function to popularity by introducing Twitter Ads
API, allowing companies to customise their own Twitter ads interface and help
Twitter improve the overall usability and effectiveness of ads on the platform.
And those companies who pitch in to help raise ad revenue? They get a share of
the profits. What’s not to like! Whether you are an API or self-service user,
here are our top tips for optimising your Twitter Ads success:

  • Know your audience: Twitter offers many
    targeting options to help you get the most out of your campaign, but you need
    to know your audience well enough to target them.
  •  Research keywords: Using the keywords targeting
    function will target users who have those keywords in their own tweets or
    tweets they have recently engaged with. Research the language and popular
    words/phrases used in tweets by your audience and those they engage with to
    maximise the effectiveness of your keyword targeting.
  • Be specific: When it comes to using the interest
    targeting features, Twitter not only allows you to select a pre-defined
    category from a list of over 350, but it also allows you to select users who
    are of interest to your audience. Use these options to narrow down the
    interests of your audience as much as possible in order for your campaign to be
    relevant and effective.

For more examples and tips on what to do and what to avoid
when researching your audience for targeting, see our article on ‘Social
Media Errors To Avoid’.
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