What’s peopleperhour?

Peopleperhour is a website where buyers can post projects and providers can bid to win the work.

Register as a buyer or a provider or both (but you will require different email addresses)

Post projects:

  • Add in title
  • Can work be carried out remotely or will both parties need to meet up, etc?
  • Description of the work required (it is possible to attach up to three files)
  • Enter bidding end date and project start date
  • Enter budget range
  • Post project and wait for bids to come in or invite people to bid for your project
  • Choose provider (PPH operates on a ‘sealed bids’ basis. The winning bid amount is revealed in “Recently Awarded” projects, anonymously)
  • Proposals will come in for the work – choose service provider
  • Release payment to service provider when work complete (through secure Escrow system)
  • Leave feedback

Service Providers:

Register as a service provider by entering:

  • Name, email and a chosen password.
  • Job title
  • Your services
  • Photo (if required)
  • Account type – freelancer or name of company you work for
  • Skills, experience, qualifications
  • References (these are hidden from your profile, however these will be sent with every bid for work you place
  • Choose whether to make your profile can be made available to search engines or not.

PPH makes money by charging a small commission fee to providers who complete projects. This is £15 for projects £150 and under 8.51% + VAT for projects over £150.