Royal Mail Growth Pack

Royal Mail is providing businesses with their own tailored Growth Pack.

Visit for:
There are 14 questions to answer – these are mostly check boxes.

  • Select number of people in the business.
  • Industry sector.
  • Years company has been established.
  • Turnover.
  • Amount of correspondence you send by mail each month.
  • Amount of promotional mail you send out each month.
  • Number of packages you send out each month.
  • Details of any overseas mail you send.
  • How you normally pay for mail eg stamps.
  • Media used to promote your company.
  • How your customers buy your products or services.
  • Where you use a database to keep customer details in.
  • Number of customer records you have.
  • How often you check the records are correct.

Complete your details and you will be sent a growth pack.

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