5 Things to Consider to Maximise the Exposure of an Online Press Release

Online press releases differ from
traditional press releases in many ways, but the most important differentiating
factors come in when it comes to maximising the content exposure. 

releases allow for much more to be done by the creator to optimise exposure,
whereas the creator is more or less helpless once a traditional release is
written and sent out. Here are some of the important factors to consider to aid
in maximising exposure of your online press release: 

The key
is in the words
– Key words and phrases play a huge part in optimising your
press release, as they are what search engines will be actively seeking out.
Using low to medium popularity keywords will give you a better chance of being
picked up, as larger companies tend to monopolise higher popularity ones.
Throw down
the anchor
– Anchored text is another great way to catch the search engines
eye. Make sure you keep anchored text short and sweet, and place links back to
relevant pages wherever possible.
     3.       Things can only get META – META tags in
the ‘behind the scenes’ area of your press release, and are another favourite
of search engines. Optimise your META tags by using key words in them.
    4.       Get to the library – Article libraries
are ideal places for companies to send their SEO rich content to give them a
helping hand on the search engine rankings, and to get a little more exposure
for their company.
    5.       Scratch a blogger’s back – Find
relevant blogs and bloggers who might be willing to post your content as a
guest blog, but be ready to give something in return for the favour, such as
post a link on your website.
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