Benefits of SlideShare

We’ve heard about Slideshare, what is it and what are the benefits?

SlideShare is a business media site for sharing presentations, documents and pdfs. Benefits include:

  • Opportunity to upload slideshow tutorials of common processes – saves you explaining how to do something over and over!
  • If a customer needs to be walked through one of those processes your support team can then direct them to the correct tutorial on SlideShare
  • Search engines love SlideShare and it has a great ranking
  • Opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge practically by uploading presentations and even videos
  • Something else to tweet about or link to on Facebook
  • It is a friendly application that can be used in most social media networks
  • See presentations that you would not normally get access to!
  • Check out speakers’ presentations before you engage them
  • See what your competitors are up to!
  • Add in to your LinkedIn profile

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