Measuring the Twitter conversation

The Winter Olympics has seen many of us mobilising Twitter and it’s a good thing someone is measuring the results!

Crimson Hexagon’s ForSight intelligence platform has been peering into Twitter conversations in the first few days of the Sochi Winter Olympics. The word cloud above shows a snapshot of what’s being said.

It’s a great example of using listening tools into a larger conversation. And in the 3,389,996 relevant tweets about these Winter Olympics, they found:

  • 25% of those tweeting about the Winter Olympics discuss issues with the venue
  • 20% of Winter Olympic tweets are general mentions of the games
  • 15% of users discussing specific sports are talking about snowboarding events
  • 14% of those tweeting about the sporting categories discuss skating events
  • 9% of social media users tweeting about the events mention the opening ceremony
  • 6% of users are discussing curling competitions
  • 5% of users discussing the 2014 games in Sochi are tweeting support for Team GB
  • 5% of tweets mention skiing
  • 1% of discussions mention Hockey games

Popular Hashtags for this year’s 2014 games include #sochi2014 with over 1.2 million mentions, #sochi with over 280,000 mentions and #openingceremony with over 160,000.

Have you tweeted about a skeleton run or a half pipe? Perhaps the UK’s first ever snow medal winner Jenny Jones will see an increase in UK tweets along the #going for gold theme!