The Top 5 Most Popular Social Media Job Roles

Social media is taking over our lives, not only on a
personal level but on a business level too, as companies are finding the
benefits of harnessing the power of social media for marketing and promotional
uses. And due to this, many more social media based roles are popping up both
within companies and agencies. But which ones are the most popular? Here is our
top 5: 
Marketing Manager
– A mid to senior level position, someone with experience
in the digital marketing sector can expect to walk into this role with a
starting salary of £35k+.
Social Media/Account Executive
– Popular among graduates, this entry level
role is the perfect way to get a foot on the social media ladder, and salaries
start at around £12k.
Head of
Social Media
– This mid to senior level role requires previous experience
but is one of the few digital roles that focuses mainly on social media, and
salaries start at £30k+.
Marketing Executive
– This entry level role involves social media in
addition to other digital marketing strategies, and salaries start at £14k+.
Communications Officer
– Encompassing marketing, PR and social media under
the ‘communications’ umbrella, this is an entry level role for a well rounded
individual, and salaries start at £14k.
Work in social media? Is your job role on here? If so, we would love to
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