The perfect Twitter bio

20160305 coca cola Twitter

160 characters to describe your business to followers.

Your Twitter bio comprises 160 characters, including spaces and punctuation. This isn’t much to squeeze your message into. Your bio is pretty important too, especially if you’re a brand or business rather than an individual.

At its most basic, your Twitter bio needs to be informative, so make sure the crucial info is in there. Limited to 160 characters, it should include a hashtag so you can be found as well as your keywords. For most of us in online marketing, that means a website link, but depending on the type of business you’re tweeting for, you’ll also probably need to state what your company does or sells and whereabouts in the country you’re based.

That doesn’t make for a terribly interesting Twitter bio, but for some high profile brands, that’s okay. Take Coca Cola, whose bio is empty; The Coca Cola Company doesn’t need to tell anyone what it does, everyone already knows. Likewise, Innocent Smoothies is such a big presence on the UK Twitter scene that they can get away with the bio, ‘Innocent by nature.’ It doesn’t tell the reader anything about the company, but Innocent’s fun and quirky social media presence is so well known that it’s barely necessary.

20160305 innocent Twitter

Unless your business already has a huge presence, you’ll probably need to explain a little more about what you do and your bio can include rules of engagement which is useful for businesses. For example, @LondonMidland Here to help 7am to 7pm (8am to 4pm weekends & Bank Holidays). Please try to be polite if things have gone wrong – we’re real people just trying to help!


My bio uses all 160 characters, some hashtags to make it searchable and as I’m also a senior lecturer in Digital Marketing at the University of Derby, I’ve included their Twitter link too.

20160305 Annmarie Hanlon twitter bio

When it comes down to it, you’re the only one who knows what tone is appropriate for your business on Twitter – include your website, your location and your common sense!