Followers on Twitter

We’ve started using Twitter, how do we decide who to follow?

I’ve been using Twitter for over a year and it’s really gathered momentum in April in the UK as people started seeing how useful it could be. There is apparently an etiquette for following those who follow you, but I don’t subscribe to this.

My rules for following on Twitter are

  1. Don’t use Tweetlater to autofollow – you could be following empty accounts
  2. Less is more and I’d rather follow people that I find interesting or can add value either because they provide a news services, updates on technology or other areas that I personally find appealing
  3. If people start to tweet about their daily routine (had cornflakes for breakfast, getting a beer) I’m not that interested unless it’s an invite – who’s in Dublin right now? Anyone want to meet for a coffee – that’s the potential of social networking that online moves offline
  4. I don’t follow people who are following 2,000 people but have less than 50 updates – they’re on some Twitter safari to bag as many people as possible – how can you possibly see what these people are contributing – ok you can use filters, but what’s the point of following someone that you exclude from your reading list?

Ways to find relevant followers
• Use Twitter advanced search to find people
• Look at the followers of other people you’re following
• Go to and get listed
• Look at
• Don’t forget to Retweet useful tweets and to thank retweeters!