Twitter’s Certified Products: The essential guide

We’ve had a few questions on how to use Twitter, especially
with so many Twitter tools appearing. This is our essential guide to using
Twitter’s certified products and how Social Media Tools can help.
Social Media Management (SMM) is a vital part of any social
marketing plan, allowing users to monitor what is being said online, engage
with their audience and analyse data.

Audience engagement

Engagement with the right audience is imperative for
businesses using Twitter; it creates a conversation which increases the trust
and credibility of the brand. 
Social media monitoring tools aid engagement by crawling
the site and providing feedback on relevant data in real time.


Hashtags can easily be created and monitored using one of
these tools, highlighting popular trends and the user feelings towards them- positive
or negative. This enables businesses to share information and promote products
using popular hashtags, ensuring that their tweets reach a large portion of
twitter users. This in turn connects the business and their audience, creating
a conversation between them.

Monitoring tools

Monitoring tools are also useful for scheduling and sending
tweets outside of office hours, meaning business users can connect with an
audience in different time zones or at peak times, i.e. evenings. This shows
that the business is in touch with its customer’s needs and lifestyle, again
building trust and credibility.

Certified products

Many of Twitter’s certified products also include analytics
tools and data platforms. Analytics tools are useful for businesses as they are
able to learn from customer’s behaviour- how they react to marketing campaigns,
popular trends & hashtags and information such as geographic location and
number of clicks on a shared link. Data platforms provide access to large
volumes of data collected from tweets made available to the public. This data
can be filtered by parameters including geography, sentiment, influence and
others. Often the user can write their own search queries to find and sort the
data they require.
Any business wishing to use Twitter to further its
engagement with an audience should seriously consider using a monitoring tool.
Below is an overview of  the main Twitter certified products.

Social connects the dots between social interactions and business results,
enabling marketers to demonstrate social impact at every stage of the
customer journey.
powers social analytics and intelligence across the enterprise, enabling
brands to identify insights and make smarter business decisions.
Hexagon delivers an accurate view of how engaged online consumers truly think
and feel about a brand or issue.
analytics engine transforms social media streams into actionable signals for
clients in the financial and government sectors, providing one of the
earliest warning systems for market-relevant information, noteworthy events
and emerging trends.
allows you to support an unlimited amount of social media conversations.
Begin keeping records of customer interactions on Twitter to help reveal
consumer preferences, archive past support assistance, and more.
We help
brands, TV networks and media companies to curate and display real-time
social content on any digital screen, to increase engagement.
makes real-time engagement management products for major media and corporate
brands looking to improve audience engagement.
helps gauge the interests of an audience, join conversations, create
long-term relationships, prioritize responses, facilitate real-time customer
support, and mitigate potential crisis.
provides a social monitoring, analytics and engagement platform to help
businesses analyse social media conversations to better understand consumer
preferences and other information critical to a company’s reputation and