What is Bluecasting?

Bluecasting (or proximity marketing) is sending information to Bluetooth devices. The user needs to set their phone to ‘discoverable’ to receive files sent from a PC or other Bluetooth device.

There are numerous uses for bluecasting. Some examples include:
– Sending company information, eg a pdf brochure
– Sending a link to a website
– Sending a video or audio file

The most useful benefit would be to gather people to an area where they are all interested in the same subject or brand.

Delegates at conferences could be asked to turn on their Bluetooth devices if they wanted to receive messages from the speaker whilst in the conference room.

There are a number of requirements to perform bluecasting
– The sender and receiver both need to have a Bluetooth device
– The Bluetooth device needs to be enabled or ‘discoverable’
– The target receiver needs to agree to accept the message before it can be delivered