Content Analysis on Blackberry 10

One of the great aspects to social marketing is the ability
to analyse in real time what users are talking about and what this means to them
Between 28th January – 31st January Crimson Hexagon has used
its social media analysis platform ForSight to analyse the conversations on
Twitter surrounding BlackBerry’s new operating system announcement, the news
that it’s dropped the RIM name and the launch of the Q10 / Z10 handsets.
The ForSight platform
has almost 200 billion posts stored in its database, and analyses around 300
million new posts per day. A total of 14, 216 relevant Twitter posts were

The findings include:

  • 24% of users are of the opinion that BlackBerry is
    still playing catch up to other mobile devices in the market
  • 20% argue they are sceptical over BlackBerry’s future
  • 19% say that have no interest in BlackBerry 10
  • 18% of Twitter users were sharing news stories relating
    to BlackBerry
  • 13% said the new handsets look impressive
  • 4% say they intend to purchase a new BlackBerry handset
  • 2% feel they have just copied everyone else


What tools do you use to analyse social mentions? Does it
matter and how does this impact your business?