How to get around ad blockers

Targeting your audience to avoid ad blockers


Discover 4 ways to defeat ad blockers.

With the rise in the number of users planning to deploy ad blocking technology, legitimate advertisers will be keen to use all means at their disposal to navigate around the browsers and apps that can block valuable adverts. Rather than the nuclear option of blocking site access to people who use ad blockers, there are a range of options available to most businesses.

#1 Avoid ad blockers and use content marketing

The primary method to defeat the ad blockers will be to deploy content marketing and native advertising strategies to get products and adverts placed in prime positions on high-priority sites. A clear focus on digital strategy and the types of content will be required to support any extra cost, with a focus on key sites with synergistic content. With content marketing increasing in popularity, now is the perfect time to explore these options and see what can be done.

#2 Avoid ad blockers and get your ads white-listed

Of course, if your business has already engaged in a major or long-term advertising strategy, the simplest solution may be to pay to have your adverts white-listed by the advert blocking software to let them be seen as intended by users. This may be an unpalatable option, but may see any campaigns through to their end, when digital marketing practitioners can reconsider their options. Larger brands are already paying up, but a sliding scale is likely to be used to allow smaller advertisers access.

#3 Avoid ad blockers and make ads part of your social media strategy

Making adverts part of a social media strategy is one of the long-term ways to manage the rise in advert blockers. Companies with a sizeable or growing social media presence can intersperse their regular content with adverts, feeling free to explain that the rise of ad blockers has led to this change. Advertising is an expected part of social media sites, and users are less likely to be concerned about adverts, and more likely to click on links. Of course, this will only appeal to brand aware customers, requiring social media growth strategies to help boost awareness.

#4 Avoid ad blockers and stay ahead

One final tip is to ensure you keep informed about the latest moves in the ad blocking market. Advertising strategies will change, as effective methods are proven. Laws will be formulated in various territories, and more severe blocking products will arrive on the market to push the boundaries further. All of these must be considered by any advertisers planning ahead.


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