LinkedIn Company Pages: Are You Getting The Most Out Of Yours?

LinkedIn is 277% more effective when it comes to lead
generation in comparison with Facebook and Twitter, according to a study by
HubSpot earlier this year, so why are so many companies not reaping these
benefits? Because so many LinkedIn company pages are not using the correct
approach or utilising the tools available. The following is a guide will give
you tips and advice on how to make the most of the tools available, and show
you examples of some of the best uses of these tools by UK companies. 
Company Status

Less than a year old, the Status Updates feature added to
the Company Pages is a lifeline, so why have hardly any companies got on board?
Unlike using RSS Feeds, News Modules, etc, adding content as a company status
update not only populates your page but also pops up in your followers’ news
feeds, meaning your content is delivered even more directly to a relevant
audience. Fresh content on your company page is the best way to encourage new
followers, and keep your current followers loyal.
, a UK company who provides funding for new renewable energy sources,
have utilised this feature by posting regular links to news stories and their
own blog posts.
linkedin company pages
Products/Services Tab
LinkedIn company pages are built to promote your company and
what you offer, and that is why LinkedIn have been kind enough to let you
create your very own tab for this specific purpose. The Products/Services Tab
makes it easier for visitors to see a breakdown of all the products and services
you offer, as well as any marketing offers you are currently running such as
free trials and tester products, webinars and events, etc. But be sure to keep
up to date if you include offers, so that out of date offers aren’t left to
clutter the tab.
a marketing and advertising agency have utilised this well, as they have broken
down each service they offer in great detail, and have also encouraged
recommendations from people who have used the services already.
linkedin company pages
Another useful aspect of the Products/Services Tab is that
you can create up to 30 distinct landing pages for target audiences. This means
when your visitor clicks on your Products/Services tab they will be met with
the landing page variation that best matches their profile information. That
information includes company size, job role, industry, seniority and location,
allowing the relevant offers, services and products to automatically reach the
eyes of the best suited audience, optimizing leads.
In any competitive industry, product and service reviews and
ratings can be the lifeline of a company. Having a good reputation will always
go in your favour when it comes to a customer or client choosing your company’s
services and products over another’s, and to have a good reputation requires
That’s why LinkedIn offer the opportunity for people to
recommend your business and give details of their experience of your company.
These recommendations are made on individual items in the products/service tab,
and the total number of recommendations is also displayed at the top of the page, giving your company instant viability. 
a global media network, have utilised this feature particularly well, already
receiving 7 recommendations on their 4 services.
linkedin company pages
With so many websites seeking reviews, likes and
recommendations, it’s not surprising that Companies with Products and Services
on LinkedIn are struggling to get recommendations.

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