The multiplatform majority – are you ready to engage?


The majority of customers are now using multiple platforms.

From mobile to tablets, watches to desktops, if your business is focused on capturing the millennial market, then you’ll already be aware that 97% of them are mobile users, and 20% don’t use any other platform at all. Are you ready to engage with the multi-platform majority?

Of the 35 to 54 demographic, 82% are multiplatform users who might browse online but purchase on desktop. Holistic understanding of the multiplatform majority will be the key to developing successful digital marketing strategies as we head towards 2017.

Be customer-centric

Ultimately, your aim as a digital marketer is to engage and influence consumers, not platforms. You need to understand how consumers are moving from screen to screen, the content they’re consuming and when they’re doing it. Gain an understanding of the way consumers are using different platforms and the online marketing strategy that matches that journey, then optimise your content for those platforms.

Be seamless

Your digital marketing strategy should run seamlessly across different platforms. Design your content to flow from one platform to another, giving a consistently engaging experience for your audience whether they’re browsing their smartphone or working on their desktop. Responsive design should not prioritise one platform over another but work effectively across them both.

Be integrated

Don’t silo your campaigns for different media and platforms. Encourage collaborative working that takes a widescreen view of your digital marketing effectiveness. Learn from each other’s expertise to create a holistic strategy that entertains, engages and ultimately converts customers, regardless of which platform they ultimately prefer.

Be demographic aware

Knowing where your potential audience prefers to spend its online time is key to an effective online marketing strategy. Fish where the fishes are – trying to reach millennials through TV is time wasted when they’re busy watching online video on their iPhone. You need to know how and where your audience is engaging with your content. Use analytics to your advantage to understand the demographic differences between platform use then optimise your content and fine tune your marketing mix.

Be flexible

In our digital world, change is the only constant. Be prepared to change your digital marketing strategy as new platforms emerge but always keep the core message consistent and consumer focused.


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